Monday, July 18, 2005


God, America & Apple Pie:
- God is the Supreme Being, His Son Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
- America: Best country in the world. We have problems, but there is no better place to live as free men and women than America. If you think otherwise, go live in Cuba.
- Apple Pie: Good stuff, Yummy stuff. Good with Ice Cream or as my Dad liked it – with a big ol’ slice of sharp Cheddar Cheese melted on top. Mmmmmm. (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)

- Guns are fun. Shooting cans, pinking targets, blowing up clay pigeons or even blowing holes in old washing machines, guns are just plain fun.
- Guns are guaranteed to us by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution (look it up if you don’t believe me)
- Every sane and TRAINED adult should own a gun. This would be called “Crime Reduction” and also “Natural Selection” and “Budget Reduction” as low-life criminals are wasted, thus saving taxpayers money in legal fees and prison expenses.

The Constitution of the United States:

- I’m talking about the Real Constitution with the Bill of Rights and Amendments Created by our wise Fore Fathers (remember those guys, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson…), not the “Living” Constitution that the current Judicial System likes to believe in, changing at their whim or the phases of the moon.
- If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

- Marriage = 1 Man and 1 Woman, enough said

- Family = 1 Man and 1 Woman (or Single Man or Woman) + Kids, you will Die to protect and support them, enough said.

- Whoa, Mr Minority, how can you support Taxes? I support a Fair Tax system to pay for Needed programs like our Military, Limited Gov’t, the Space Program…., not the convoluted crap of a tax system we have now.
- Fair Tax system: National Flat Income Tax – a certain percentage of the net income for people and businesses alike. No Loop Holes, everybody pays the same percentage.
- Or: National Sales Tax – The more you buy, the more you pay. Fair system.
- These Fair Tax systems would eliminate the IRS (or at least downsize it by 90%), save trees (no forms), and affects everyone equally.

- My definition of Government is Limited Federal Gov’t and stronger State Gov’t, not the self-perpetuating, bloated, monstrosity we are saddled with now.
- Don’t get me wrong, we need a Federal Gov’t. But we DON’T need the Dept of HUD, EPA, DEA, ATF…. You get the point. But we do need the Federal Gov’t for the Military, FBI, CIA, NSA, Commerce, Treasury, The State Dept.(I hate to say that) and other key departments and Agencies that States can not govern.
- Do not usurp States Rights

- Greatest State in the Union (Arizona & Alaska are 2nd place). Feel free to argue with me, but you will have little chance to change my mind
- No State Income Tax
- The most guns per capita of any State.
- Right to carry a Concealed Hand Gun law.
- Gorgeous Women

- I love cats, and I have lots of them. God in his infinite wisdom created cats for us to pet.
- Cats are for intellectuals; Dogs are for control freaks (yes I expect flack over this statement).
- Cats purr, Dogs don’t, enough said.

- Capitalism is good. Reward those who work hard and add value to our lives with products and technology.
- Capitalism allows those with new ideas and hard work to rise from the bottom of society to the top, in which they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Our Military:
- God Bless our Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard
- Our Military serves a vital function, to be ready to defend our nation against enemies close and far away. We pray that we don’t have to use them, but when the time comes, thank God for their excellent training and technology.
- We should be thankful for the men and women that volunteer in our Armed Forces.


- The only pupose the ACLU has is to push their Socialist Anti-Christian Pro-Gay agenda by using the courts.
- They have no morals, no values, and believe in the destruction of America by shredding the fabric that holds it together.
- If we stand up to them and not let them intimidate us, we will show them that WE hold the power to decide what is the best for America, not them.

- Liberals are not inherently bad people, they just haven’t grown up and taken off their rose colored glasses yet – pity them.
- I dislike people that want to take my hard earned money in the form of taxes and give it away to people like: Welfare Abusers, the UN, 3rd World Country Leaders to pad their pockets, the NEA, crappy and sacrilegious artists, and other Liberals.
- Liberals are socialists, and socialism doesn’t work
- Liberals also want to remove or limit our Rights as guaranteed under the Constitution (i.e.: Gun Control, Abusive Eminent Domain, Endangered Species Act, and misrepresentation of the separation of church and state).

- Whether they are Islamofascists, Suicide Bombers, The Red Brigade, Aum Shinrikyo sect in Japan, Skinheads or PLA, they all need to be wasted. If your intent is harm/kill innocent people for your cause, this is a cowardly act and you must be put down with no restraints.
- If your cause is against a government, then put on a uniform, act like a man and take it to that government’s armed force (it’s called war). To do otherwise is cowardly and you and your ilk must be wasted.
- There will be NO Heaven, 72 virgins or reincarnation into a better life for them, they will rot in HELL for eternity.

- Racism is wrong. People need to be judge individually by what they say, how they act, and what there beliefs are.
- I don’t Hate Muslims because they are Muslim, but I do dislike Muslims that advocate that I convert to Islam or Die, or want to kill me because I am an American. I don’t hate blacks because their skin color in darker than mine, but I do dislike blacks that think I owe them something because I am white. I don’t hate the Japanese because of WWII, but I do dislike the Japanese that call me gaijin (means Barbarian) because I’m not Japanese. I don’t hate the French, but I do dislike the French with an arrogant snotty French attitude. I don’t hate Gays, but I do dislike Gays that try to cram their life style down my throat, insist that I recognize them as being special, or expect me to believe that Homosexuality is a birth defect, not a choice.
- I do hate racists – Jesse Jackson is a racist, Louis Farrakhan is a racist, the Khomeini’s are racists and the KKK/Skinhead Nazis are racists.

- Nannists are people want to try to protect me from myself (so they think). They are the ones for Gun Control laws, Seat Belt laws, Motorcycle Helmet laws, Anti-Smoking Laws and the people that require products to add every kind of idiotic warning labels to all products (thus increasing the cost of the product). Lawyers are to blame for a majority of Nanny laws, as they will sue a company because some idiot harmed themselves misusing the product (did you know that 50% of the cost of a ladder is due to warning labels and law suits) such as cutting a finger off because some idiot looked underneath a lawnmower while it is running (go figure).
- Nannists just weaken the gene pool because they are protecting the utterly stupid, which nature is trying to weed out.

Michael Moore:
- See terrorist – waste him.

Affirmative Action:
- Affirmative Action is discrimination, plain and simple. Not only that, but in the end it hurts those it is suppose to help.
- It is discrimination when you reward or punish someone based on his or her race or gender. Colleges and Universities are discriminating when they place more value on a Black person vs a White person with identical qualifications. Affirmative Action to enhance “Multi-Culturalism” is plain Bullshit and stinks like it.
- By enabling someone that is not deserving, you have cheapened anything they accomplish, and that is wrong.
- If you really want to “Help” minorities, insure that they receive a quality education in Elementary and High School, and not by throwing money at them either.

The UN:

- Worthless, Euro Pandering, Corrupt, Genocidal, Stupid (Libya and Sudan head Human Rights Counsel), Corrupt (did I already say Corrupt?) and Anti-American Organization of Forons™. I could say more, but I don’t want to use up a lot of space on these imbeciles.

- I don’t hate the French; I just dislike the French with snotty French attitudes.